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Neo Whole Gherkins

Neo Whole Gherkins

Size: 480g

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Product details

  • Neo Foods Whole Gherkins are pickled cucumbers preserved in vinegar. Sweet, crunchy, and flavorsome, they can enhance the flavor of any meal. Sourced directly from the farm under the supervision of our experienced agricultural team, eat them as it is and you’re sure to be delighted with their sharp flavor. Low in fat, choose these gherkins as your new snacking partner
  • Naturally Made, Good For Health: Rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, and Potassium, these Whole gherkins are highly nutritious. Our Whole Gherkins have no GMOs or added preservatives. The pickled cucumbers are fermented in various types of solution for an extended period of time and thus are rich in probiotics and considered beneficial for gut health
  • The Taste Master: Make various appetizing dishes like salads, shawarmas, sandwiches, and wraps using Neo Foods Whole Gherkins. They can also be used as a side dish with drinks, cheese platter, and crackers. Experiment with the taste and add chopped gherkins to yogurt or various dips.
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Storage Instruction: Store them in a refrigerator after opening.
  • Ingredients: Gherkins (54.16%), Water, Sugar, Vinegar.Salt, Firming Agent (IN550), Dil Weed, Onion, Red Bel Pepper, Yellow Mustard, Black Pepper.
    Allergen Advice: Contains Mustard.
  • About The Brand: Neo Foods is a Bangalore-based food processing company specializing in preserved vegetables and culinary products. Our ingredients are directly sourced from farms and then processed in a safe environment with all the best practices


We at Neo, believe in ethical standards and greatly focus on producing products of the highest quality in order to provide only the finest to our customers. Made following an organic process, we bring you Neo Foods Whole Gherkins, sweet and crunchy pickles which are amazing in taste & texture. Whole Gherkins are highly nutritious and a source of probiotics thus they’re good for your overall health. Have them the way you want, as a succulent snack or as a side/main dish for your meals, anyway, they’re going to delight you. Low in calories, they’re great to have any time of the day. Healthy food with Neo Foods!

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