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Neo Jalapeno Hot Sauce 290g

Neo Jalapeno Hot Sauce 290g

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The spicy and zesty Neo Foods Jalapeno Hot sauce will spice up any dish or drink. The Jalapeno chilli is known for its fresh and bright flavour with quite a kick. Made with quality ingredients and original recipe, it give you a taste of authentic Mexican hotness. The sauce is suitable for Indian, Chinese & Mexican dishes.

Can you handle the hotness?!!!


Spice-Up Your Meals: Use this Sauce to add a fiery flavour to any of your favourite dishes. Spread it on pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, or mix it in bhel, pasta, curries, and salad. Our sauce also goes well as a side dip for any Indian snacks like pakoras, samosa, cutlet  and French fries, etc.


Farm Fresh, Taste Best: Neo Foods Sauce is made with fresh Ingredients directly sourced from the farm following all-natural processes. Our sauce does not contain any chemical preservatives and artificial colours, thus taste fresh and pleasing. Perfect for any time, a perky addition to your recipes.


Shelf Life: 12 Months from the date of Manufacturing. Storage Instruction: Store it in a refrigerator after opening. Neo Foods Jalapeno Sauce comes in easy-to-use squeeze bottle that makes the storage simple and is convenient to pour.


About The Brand: Neo Foods is a Bangalore based food processing company, specializes in preserved vegetables and culinary products. Our ingredients are directly sourced from farms and then processed in safe environment with all the best practices.

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