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Neo White Natural Vinegar 370ml

Neo White Natural Vinegar 370ml

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  • Neo Foods White Natural Vinegar is made from natural resources and, therefore is highly nutritious with a crisp and fresh taste. Its natural flavor makes it a perfect ingredient that can immediately enhance the taste of any meal. Mix this white vinegar with some herbs to give a lively twist to your cuisine.
  • Completely Natural, Complete Health: Neo Foods Vinegar is made following natural processes, thus retaining all its nutrient value, and contains no added MSG. Nutrient-rich White Natural Vinegar is low in fat and can be included in a weight loss diet plan. The acetic acid present in vinegar also helps improve the digestion process for improved health.
  • The Master Ingredient: With the zingy flavor that you and your recipes will love. Add this white vinegar to your salads, marinades, and recipes, or use it for cooking & baking, anyhow it works exceptionally by adding a zesty touch. Great for canning & pickling and even greater for making flavourful drinks. Use it as an everyday tonic to boost overall health.
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months from the date of manufactruing.
  • Storage Instruction: Store it in a refrigerator after opening it.
  • Ingredients: Water & Vinegar, 5% Acidity.
  • About the Brand: Neo Foods is a Bangalore-based food processing company specializing in preserved vegetables and culinary products. Our ingredients are directly sourced from farms and then processed in a safe environment with all the best practices.


We at Neo, believe in ethical standards and greatly focus on producing products of the highest quality in order to provide only the finest to our customers. Neo Foods White Natural Vinegar is made of all-natural ingredients and packed with a rich flavor & crisp taste. It's a versatile product that can be used to enhance the taste of salads, marinades, and other recipes. Mix this white vinegar with some herbs and further intensify the taste of any dish. It can also be used to make a variety of drinks, as with its sharp flavor, it's definitely a majestic ingredient. 100% natural, this white vinegar is also beneficial for health as it helps in weight loss, improves digestion, and treats a sore throat. Use this Neo Foods White Natural Vinegar to add a zing to your food or consume it daily to stay healthy and fit. Healthy food with Neo Foods!

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